There is a certain percentage of marriages that are going to fail every year all around the world. In most cases, people get a divorce through the legal system. It’s the most common way to end a marriage. There is, however, another method that isn’t quite as often used and may not be available in all circumstances, and that’s called an annulment in Nevada. There are a few differences between the two different ways to cancel your marriage, here are some of the most obvious.

A Divorce Goes On Record

When a couple gets a divorce, it’s done through the courts and has a set procedure that’s followed as to separation of property, child support, alimony payments, and custody of the children. Everything is dully recorded at the courthouse and there for all to see if need be. Both parties will then be considered divorcees.

An annulment, on the other hand, tries to completely reverse the marriage and erase it from existence as if it never happened. It is usually used in cases where people have married almost accidentally. Maybe they were intoxicated and ran off to Las Vegas, got married, and then sobered up. That would be a good case for Las Vegas annulments.

Other scenarios are when two very young people get married, live together for just a few weeks or months, decide they weren’t prepared for any of it and decide to call it quits. There is a good case for getting an annulment as well.

There Are Laws In Most State Regarding The Use Of Annulments

Most of the time there will be grounds that need to be proved to the satisfaction of the state before an annulment can be granted. Some of those will include such things as not being of sound mind when the marriage occurred. This is the case of being drunk or on drugs, and unable to make a sound judgment due to mental impairment.

Another cause would be if one party or both parties to the marriage were under duress or being forced. If there was any force or coercion involved, then there are legal grounds. Also if there were some fraud, maybe one party is already married or has made false statements and promises, that would be clear grounds for an annulment.

There are also physical impairments, such as impotence, that can be claimed, but this is rarely used since most people these days don’t wait until marriage to have sexual relations. If one of the parties is under the legal age in the state where they are married, that can also void a marriage as well.

Most of The Time Annulments Are Quick And Easy

There is usually no property division. Each side takes the property they came into the marriage with and leaves. There is rarely child support, alimony, or custody since the marriages aren’t usually long enough to have children. If there are children of the marriage, then it’s many times better to have a divorce instead.

Every state has different laws regarding annulments, and the amount of time that is allowed before a divorce must be done instead. You should check with an attorney soon if you want to use this option since the window of opportunity may be closing quickly.

While there are usually both options available in most states, there are lots of differences from state to state between annulments and divorces. If you need help, you should contact an attorney for an initial consultation before making any decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and you should carefully consider all of them before you choose.